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EXPERTRANS has over 18 years of experience in the logistics and shipping industries. The reputation we have built with our customers and competitors is a testament to our excellent level of service.

We understand that shipping and logistics are an essential part of your business for you and your customers. That's why our top priorities are clear organization and an effective dedication to executing our clients' instructions.

Our services include:

1.Freight warehousing at multiple sites

2.International sea, air and road freight services

3.Freight project

4.Express Services

Our company has the resources, capabilities and geographic reach to help you get your business where you want it, even in the face of abnormal demand.

Part of our proposition is that we work in synergy with your brand towards a common goal.

Over the past 18 years, our company has built a solid and trustworthy reputation with its partners. Our objective is to best serve the interests of our client in terms of Time, Resources and Advice.


• We can offer export & import air/ocean/road freight transportations.

• Efficient and quick response —— We have an operation team who can provide efficient service for you.

• Bring the most effective solutions for you —— We have professional local agents (Consolidation/ warehouse/ customs service, etc.).

• We can handle shipments to/from all Moroccan ports & airports with your collect contracts.

• Keep suppliers satisfied with our local service.


Phone +212 (0) 661 379 479

业务助理:FATIHA HABIB ALAH                                                 

Mobile +212 522 40 68 67







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